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How to start.

If you are here, perheps you want to know how to start with SQLite for Delphi. I don't want to explain how Delphi works with DBs (maybe later...), so let's start:

How to use.

This part in future will be FAQ, but now there are not too many questions.

Let's start form architecture of components. There are separate classes for dataset (TSLDataSet), database (TSLDatabase), whole API is managed by dedicated class - TSLEngine. In the future functions and aggregations will have their own classes.
Useage is - as always under Delphi - very easy. Use TSLDatabase to estabish connection with BD file. TSLDataset allows you quering for data. As in other datasets TSLDataSet have ExecSQL method for executing commands.

SQLite provides tree ways of getting data. SQLite for Delphi supports all of them:

If you are modiffing database's structure you shoud call RefreshTblList method of your database object. It can be done automatically but it costs. In other hand changing structure is not often done.

Right now attaching and detaching is not implemeted in TSLDatabase so you have to call RefreshDBLit when useing this methods in SQL queries.

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