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SQLite is embadded SQL engine compatible with SQL 92 standard. This project allows Delphi applications useage of this engine without any additional engines, modules, interfaces. It is possible to use this components in Borland™ Builder applications.

The project was started at the end of 2002. I was looking for simple engine to start writting own dataset. I wanted to get some expiriences and also to create something usefull. SQLite was perfect choice. Very simple API - perfectly documented, with samples. SQL standard 92, so parser is not necesery. Engine is really small ca. 300kB DLL contains all your app needs.

Right now it is almost fully functional dataset (no locate/lookup support). There are some tests - that shoud be done...

From time to time there are problems with ViewCVS. Use CVS client to get project files. All the files can be accessed from module "." I'm useing TortoiseCVS. Normally something like that:
CVSROOT = :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/sqlite4delphi
module (on the bottom of chcekout form) = ".".
shuld check out all the modules. In case of problems (ie. if you get only ./main, ./CVSROOT, ./CVSROOT/main modules) please send me an e-mail (texxas (at) sourceforge.net) next I will send latest data. Right now it should not be necessery.
Also you can be added to developers - ssh connection works perfectly.

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