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TColData SLDataSet Information about columns - used in TSLDataSet
TDBInfo SLDB information about attached databases.
TIdxField SLDB information about every field of index - TIdxInfo.
TIdxInfo SLDB index information - see TSLDatabase.
TRecData SLDataSet Cache data for TSLDataSet
TRecInfo SLDataSet Used for internal buffer in class.
TSLCustomFun SLFunAgr Base class for functions and aggregations
TSLDatabase SLDB database component.
TSLDataSet SLDataSet TDataSet descendant
TSLDBOptions SLDB options for TSLDatabase.
TSLEngine SLEngine engine representation
TSLFunction SLFunAgr Function class component
TSLFun_RecNo SLDataSet Build-in function that enumerates row number
TTblField SLDB information about every field of table - TTblInfo.
TTblInfo SLDB table information.

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