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COMPONENT_TAB_NAME SLTypes used for registration components in IDE.
CR SLTypes  
CRLF SLTypes  
LF SLTypes  
SQLITEDLL SLTypes Name of DLL with engine
SQLITE_ABORT SLTypes Callback routine requested an abort.
SQLITE_BUSY SLTypes The database file is locked.
SQLITE_CANTOPEN SLTypes Unable to open the database file.
SQLITE_CONSTRAINT SLTypes Abort due to contraint violation.
SQLITE_CORRUPT SLTypes The database disk image is malformed.
SQLITE_DONE SLTypes sqlite_step() has finished executing
SQLITE_EMPTY SLTypes (Internal Only) Database table is empty.
SQLITE_ERROR SLTypes SQL error or missing database.
SQLITE_FULL SLTypes Insertion failed because database is full.
SQLITE_INTERNAL SLTypes An internal logic error in SQLite.
SQLITE_INTERRUPT SLTypes Operation terminated by sqlite_interrupt().
SQLITE_IOERR SLTypes Some kind of disk I/O error occurred.
SQLITE_LOCKED SLTypes A table in the database is locked.
SQLITE_MISMATCH SLTypes Data type mismatch.
SQLITE_NOMEM SLTypes A malloc() failed.
SQLITE_NOTFOUND SLTypes (Internal Only) Table or record not found.
SQLITE_NUMERIC SLTypes Numeric result of user function
SQLITE_OK SLTypes Successful result.
SQLITE_PERM SLTypes Access permission denied.
SQLITE_PROTOCOL SLTypes Database lock protocol error.
SQLITE_READONLY SLTypes Attempt to write a readonly database.
SQLITE_ROW SLTypes sqlite_step() has another row ready
SQLITE_SCHEMA SLTypes The database schema changed.
SQLITE_TEXT SLTypes Text result of user function
SQLITE_TOOBIG SLTypes Too much data for one row of a table.
TAB SLTypes  

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