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COMPONENT_TAB_NAME SLTypes used for registration components in IDE.
CR SLTypes  
CRLF SLTypes  
ESLRecNoError SLDataSet  
ESQLiteError SLTypes Exception class
LF SLTypes  
PColData SLDataSet  
PPChar SLTypes for D5 copatibility
PPCharArray SLTypes for D5 copatibility
PRecData SLDataSet  
PRecInfo SLDataSet  
Register SLFunAgr  
Register SLDB  
Register SLDataSet  
SQLITEDLL SLTypes Name of DLL with engine
SQLITE_ABORT SLTypes Callback routine requested an abort.
SQLITE_BUSY SLTypes The database file is locked.
SQLITE_CANTOPEN SLTypes Unable to open the database file.
SQLITE_CONSTRAINT SLTypes Abort due to contraint violation.
SQLITE_CORRUPT SLTypes The database disk image is malformed.
SQLITE_DONE SLTypes sqlite_step() has finished executing
SQLITE_EMPTY SLTypes (Internal Only) Database table is empty.
SQLITE_ERROR SLTypes SQL error or missing database.
SQLITE_FULL SLTypes Insertion failed because database is full.
SQLITE_INTERNAL SLTypes An internal logic error in SQLite.
SQLITE_INTERRUPT SLTypes Operation terminated by sqlite_interrupt().
SQLITE_IOERR SLTypes Some kind of disk I/O error occurred.
SQLITE_LOCKED SLTypes A table in the database is locked.
SQLITE_MISMATCH SLTypes Data type mismatch.
SQLITE_NOMEM SLTypes A malloc() failed.
SQLITE_NOTFOUND SLTypes (Internal Only) Table or record not found.
SQLITE_NUMERIC SLTypes Numeric result of user function
SQLITE_OK SLTypes Successful result.
SQLITE_PERM SLTypes Access permission denied.
SQLITE_PROTOCOL SLTypes Database lock protocol error.
SQLITE_READONLY SLTypes Attempt to write a readonly database.
SQLITE_ROW SLTypes sqlite_step() has another row ready
SQLITE_SCHEMA SLTypes The database schema changed.
SQLITE_TEXT SLTypes Text result of user function
SQLITE_TOOBIG SLTypes Too much data for one row of a table.
TAB SLTypes  
TCBDBFlag SLDB callback flag.
TCBDtSetFlag SLDataSet callback flag used in TSLDataSet.
TColData SLDataSet Information about columns - used in TSLDataSet
TDBInfo SLDB information about attached databases.
TGettingMethod SLDataSet determine how dataset retrives data from the engine.
TIdxField SLDB information about every field of index - TIdxInfo.
TIdxInfo SLDB index information - see TSLDatabase.
TLogEvent SLEngine event for logging API calls
TOnBusy SLEngine event for on busy calling.
TOnFunction SLFunAgr  
TPCharArray SLTypes for D5 copatibility
TRecData SLDataSet Cache data for TSLDataSet
TRecInfo SLDataSet Used for internal buffer in class.
TSLCustomFun SLFunAgr Base class for functions and aggregations
TSLDatabase SLDB database component.
TSLDataSet SLDataSet TDataSet descendant
TSLDataSet_ExecCallback SLDataSet  
TSLDBOptions SLDB options for TSLDatabase.
TSLEngine SLEngine engine representation
TSLFunction SLFunAgr Function class component
TSLFunResType SLFunAgr Type of function's result
TSLFun_RecNo SLDataSet Build-in function that enumerates row number
TSLOption SLDataSet represents single option
TSLOptions SLDataSet represents option set
TTblField SLDB information about every field of table - TTblInfo.
TTblInfo SLDB table information.
__Alloc_count SLTypes  
__Engine SLEngine Default engine. Created and started in initialization section (terminated in finalization).
__FunRecNo SLDataSet Internal function for getting row number
__Realloc_count SLTypes  

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